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Welcome to Quarantine 15: a spot of joy in your inbox on work, life, and navigating the start of 2021. In case we haven’t met, I’m Nikki Gusz, a co-founder of Lloyd, a career GPS for young professionals. You can follow me on Twitter @nkgusz or subscribe to this email newsletter here.

Today, around here you’ll find:

(1) A little reflection on the week

(2) A collection

(3) A treat from me

(1) A little reflection on the week

Let’s face it. The last year has been pretty exhausting. Pandemic, economic downturn and job loss, racist systems and their consequences, gun violence, climate change, refugees and displacement, political upheaval and violence—this list is not all inclusive and seems to continue and build. While we all must be conscious of and act on these issues, it can be individually and collectively exhausting. I often think in these moments about the common phrase about putting on one’s own oxygen mask first. This week, I’m keeping it short, because I encourage you to take time and do something that rejuvenates you, without guilt (you probably have an idea or two!). If you’re not sure what might help you refuel or are looking for something new I’m providing a few resources below.

(2) A collection

A quick note on this collection: I suggest picking 1-2 efforts you can actually use today (rather than window shopping a bunch and not embracing the rest or self-care needed!).

Sleepless in a pandemic

Shuteye has been a challenge for many in the past year. Learn from the Cleveland Clinic how the pandemic is impacting sleep, as well as what you can do about it.

Can you take a vacation in a pandemic?

Most definitely! It might be more about time apart from work than necessarily travel, but it’s most definitely an option. Hear from Forbes on how to make a vacation work (which are frankly great perspectives on a level of separation from work, whether it’s a pandemic or not).

Self-care in anti-racist work

From the National Museum of African American History and Culture, this resource is from the Talking About Race collection. The framing about self-care as intentional and that self-care is as much about letting go as acting is a powerful reminder.

Research says it’s good for you!

Sometimes wellness tips can feel a little fad flavored. Check out this resource from NBC News on science-backed wellness trends that are worth keeping with us as we’re starting off the roaring ‘20s.

29 self-care tips

If you’re still feeling like you need a refresh / additional ideas, you’re likely to find inspiration in this extensive gallery. From Oprah Daily, check out 29 ideas for self-care.

(3) A treat from me

Interested in a reset in your career? Sign up for office hours with me this week to start your spring off strong.