Fifteen: fin

Welcome to Quarantine 15: a spot of joy in your inbox on work, life, and navigating the start of 2021. In case we haven’t met, I’m Nikki Gusz, a co-founder of Lloyd, a career GPS for young professionals. You can follow me on Twitter @nkgusz or subscribe to this email newsletter here.

Today, around here you’ll find:

(1) A little reflection on the week

(2) A collection

(3) A treat from me

(1) A little reflection on the week

It’s our last official week here at Q15. We launched this newsletter to help navigate the “dark days” of the winter and pandemic. There was much tragedy and sadness at the start of 2021. Yet, the next moment, it was also uplifting to see millions of people being vaccinated a day. Knowing you, our hundreds of readers, were in this with us every week was helpful. Spring is now in full swing, and many of us are starting to think—in a cautiously optimistic manner—about what the future can look like. So while it is time for Q15 to officially come to an end, you can stay in touch with us in the ways listed above or email me to connect on career subjects that are top of mind for you (nikki at withlloyd dot com). We’ll be sure to reach back out with any pertinent updates in the future. Until then, be well!

(2) A collection

5 subjects top of mind as we close out Quarantine 15:

  1. It’s ok if you’re not sure about office life.

    Recent research has show 20% of people have “nothing” to look forward to in returning to their offices. Many people also feel more productive working from home. If you’re having mixed feelings about what is to come in the next few months—or simply different feelings than other people—realize this spectrum exists. (And thank you to our essential workers who have been still been heading into work each day!)

  2. If you’re thinking of changing jobs, you’re not alone.

    Recent data shows 64% of people are open to new jobs, and this is even higher for those under the age of 30. If the pandemic has made you consider a new move, feel free to shoot me an email to see if I can help.

  3. Substack is great for writing projects.

    If you’ve been hankering to take on a writing project, we highly recommend Substack. We’ve found it quite user friendly and easy to use! Here is a post on getting your first 100 users.

  4. Friends (old and new) are still fun!

    Some of our favorite posts were interviews with people we’ve known for awhile or recently met. As the pandemic has changed the dynamic for so many relationships (family, friends, work, or otherwise), it has also provided the avenue to form new types of relationships. We’re looking for the benefits of both as we head into the next several months. Big thanks to everyone who participated in Q15!

  5. Two questions.

    As we roar into the ‘20s and closer to the other side of the pandemic in the U.S. (realizing the reality is quite different for some of our global friends) two questions have been top of mind for us. It’s a similar format we’ll sometimes use at the end of something (a year, a big project, a job, etc.). As we continue to move through this unique time in human history and hopefully close it out in the months ahead, we leave you with two questions:

    • What are you taking with you from this time?

    • What are you leaving behind from this time?

(3) A treat from me

If it it hasn’t already, vaccine eligibility is opening up in many states in the next ~week. We’re not medical experts (as will quickly become apparent), but here are resources we’ve found helpful: